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On the use of solid parapets to attenuate the effects of cross-winds on trains


Author/s: José Meseguer Ruiz, Sergio Ávila Sánchez, Oscar López García, Carlos Díez Arroyo, Agustín Fernández Sanz, José Conrado Martínez Acevedo

When high-speed trains are subjected to high speed winds at exposed locations such as bridges, aerodynamic forces and moments acting on the vehicles become important, because lateral aerodynamic loads can cause the overturning of the vehicles, thence crosswind effects must be taken into account to determine the limits of operation for high speed 1
trains. A way to decrease the lateral wind loads acting on a vehicle under cross-winds is to reduce the wind effects by using windbreaks. In this paper experimental results of the effects of windbreaks on the wind loads on a train coach are presented. Results have been obtained at IDR/UPM (Instituto Universitario de Investigación “Ignacio Da Riva”, E.T.S.I. aeronáuticos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) by wind tunnel testing of two-dimensional models. Tested windbreaks have been vertical parapets equipped with eaves at the top.

Keywords: High speed trains, windbreaks, wind loads, wind tunnel tests.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 1 - March 2011, pp. 21-42


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