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High Speed ​​Network in the United States


Author/s: Luis Fort López-Tello, Carmen Fort Santa-María

This paper face the “United States High Speed Rail System Infrastructure Plan”, requiring the execution during 20 years of new Rail Lines (about 27,000 kilometers) for speeds around 350 Km/h, with an initial estimate of investment over 600 B$, representing the greatest engineering project and construction plan in the World in the coming years.

The draft projects registered in Madrid CICCP, between 2011 and 2015 by the authors, included a great part of these predesigned lines. Among them, the “Rocky Mountains” High Speed Rail Line (Salt Lake City-Denver), with 220 km in tunnels, or the “Crossing Bay” High Speed Rail Line (San Francisco-Sacramento), with two “multiple Suspension Bridges” of 11,28 km. total length and central spans of about 800 meters.

Keywords: High-Speed Railway, Spanish technologic capacity, Planning, United States, USHSRS

Publication:  360.high speed magazine Nº 4 - December 2016, pág. 21-39


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