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Project RAILCEN: Study of the evolution of fire in railway vehicle due by internal materials of agreement to CEN / TS 45545-2


Author/s: Marta López, Izaskun Martínez, Anna Lacasta, Pasi Nylander, Emiliano Gallego

Due to the important change as for concept of fire Security and fire requirements that derive from the approval of the present CEN/TS 45545 to European level, and therefore also national level, two national enterprises of high participation in the sector, FAINSA S.A. (manufacturer of seats) and TALGO S.L. (manufacturer of railway vehicles), with demonstrable research lines, are employed at the present project by means of the modality of group, two centres of R&TD, the Fire Engineering Area of CIDEMCO-Tecnalia (technological research centre) and the Technical University of Catalonia at collaboration with Fire brigade of Catalonia, to present the project of R&TD “RAILCEN. Evolution of fire in railway vehicle due by internal materials of agreement to CEN / TS 45545-2.”. This projet can be divided into two interrelated work steps that take as final aim to obtain a higher degree of knowledge on the basis of the normative European requirements on the current levels of safety of the internal materials used in different designs of railway vehicles. On the other hand, the study of the minimization of its levels of risk by means of the employment of designs and alternative materials, as well as the study of the development of the fire by means of tools of simulation of last generation verified by means of real tests, will be carried out.

Keywords: Railway vehicle, internal materials, fire evolution, new requirements in fire security in European frame.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 1 - March 2011, pp. 135-141


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