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Operational, Commercial and Economic Desing of Tourist Train Train and Breakfast Camino de Santiago


Author/s: Verónica Álvarez Fernández

The project “Operational, Commercial and Economic Design of Tourist Train “Train and Breakfast Camino de Santiago”, approaches the study of the creation of a new rail product, conceived and designed in order to establish and promote a tourism and transport combined offer, additional to the current, using the value that represents a rail journey and supplementing it with some existing tourism services and of great interest to the client.
A project combining commercial and technical aspects to address completely the development of a new rail product, not only defining and designing the product itself, but considering all operational factors that enable and make possible its immediate implementation and commissioning.
To sum up, a project that examines and defines the commercial, technical, operational, and economic processes necessary for the implementation of a new tourist-rail product, developed according to the requirements of the current market, and constituting an attractive, different and innovative product.

Keywords: Desing, Tourist Train, Train and Breakfast, St. James’way.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nª 9 - April 2015, pp 29-52


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