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Study of the vibrational behavior of different track types in urban area in line 4 of the Alicante Tram


Author/s: Vicente Puig Garcés, Miguel Ramos Carrera, Julia Real Herráiz, Pablo Martínez Fernández, Laura Montalbán Domingo, Alberto Galisteo Cabeza, Antonio Vil

This paper details the measurement campaign carried out by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in the line 4 of Alicante’s Tram Network. This campaign aims to study the behaviour of different track typologies and elements with regards to vibration so as to assess their efficiency. The paper shows the campaign planning, the sensors used and the measurement and processing schemes adopted. The main results are thoroughly discussed, being the most relevant a clear superiority of the slab track typology when compared to the green track in terms of vibration alleviation.

Keywords: Vibrations, tram, slab track, green track.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 2 - November 2011, pp. 61-71


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