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Possible alternatives for the establishment of commercial stops on new high speed lines


Author/s: César Felipe López Sánchez

Spanish high speed network is reaching a first step of development characterized by the construction of main lines with high traffic levels. Thus, in the near future, it will have to deal with a new scenario in which the new lines to build will be required to be multipurpose to absorb a bigger traffic variety that will lead to a reasonable level of use. In this framework, a revision of the current design criteria is needed to achieve a maximum match to the new demands and, at the same time, reduce investment needs, which is particularly important in the current context of budgetary constraints. With this aim, the article analyses alternative solutions to the classic high speed station layout, estimating the possible cost reductions associated to its implementation.

Keywords: High speed, optimization, operation, station layout.

Publication: 360.high speed magazine Nº 2 - May 2012, pp. 23-38


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