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Analysis of traffic data from the first year of operation of the Madrid-Valencia high speed line


Author/s: Judith Fernández Jáñez

In 2011, the first year of operation of the high speed line from Madrid to Valencia, 1,837,177 passengers were transported by rail, which puts this route in third place in Spain after Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Seville. The introduction of the line has meant multiplying rail traffic on the route by 2.49, even though air travel has maintained a significant offer in terms of frequency that has allowed it to retain 20.32%, above the level suggested by the "three hour curve” for a train journey time of 95 minutes. The number of passengers carried by the AVE is below all the forecasts made, and the article reflects on the reasons that may have led to this. It also analyzes monthly seasonal factors and found that the summer months have gone from being high traffic months for the railway to off peak months, and it also compares the expansion of the Madrid-Valencia route with traffic on other routes of the same line.

Keywords: High-speed train, demand, modal split.

Publication: 360.high speed magazine Nº 2 - May 2012, pp. 57-71


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