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Maintenance: the current challenge of modern infrastructure and rail networks in Spain


Author/s: Francisco Javier González Fernándeza, Julio Fernández Losa

Major rail investment, in the last two decades in our country, has made it possible to have a very strong transportation infrastructure, locally in the regions and large cities providing a communication backbone across Spain. We are now faced with the need to maintain that infrastructure properly, and provide the excellent service for which it was designed and built, the challenge being the associated cost. Current trends and efforts are committed to integrating the existing modern techniques, reengineering and adapting plans in the context of each rail network. In most cases this is still pending in order to improve productivity, innovation and methodology. The paper argues for the need to make the effort to improve and adapt based on rigorous scientific reengineering of processes, so that we maintain good indicators of availability and reliability, as basic ratios of service quality, but at a minimum practical cost.

Keywords: Railway, tram, metropolitan, maintenance.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 5


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