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Calculation of the vertical stiffness of the track depending on the vertical stiffness of the base plate and ballast-platform system in high-speed tracks


Author/s: Ramón Miralbés Buil, Luis Castejón Herrer

The object of this study is the determination of a mathematical formula that correlates the vertical inflexibilities of the principal elements that form the high speed track in the cases in which there are used the constructive habitual elements. For it, departing from the traditional formulations a new mathematical model has been proposed, which has been checked and contrasted with the real information of high speed lines.
With it a simple expression has been obtained that correlates in quite a realiable way the vertcial inflexibilities of the sets that form it, essentially with the ribbed sole-plate and the set ballast platform. On the other hand, the validity of the model has also been verified to select the inflexibilities of the ribbed sole-plate and the set ballast-platform depending on one of these inflexibilities and of the vertical inflexibility that wants to be obtained.

Keywords: Railroad, route, vertical inflexibility, balasto, platform, ribbed sole-plate.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 1 - March 2011, pp. 49-56


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