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Study of the vibratory behavior of railway tracks through numerical simulation

Year of publication: 2018

Author/s: Ayoub Zougari

Collection: Tesis Doctorales

ISBN: 978-84-947477-6-2
Legal deposit: M-11652-2018

The objective of this thesis is to provide knowledge about the wheel-rail contact problem and the generation of vibrations that it causes, developing numerical models based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). To this end, the commercial program ANSYS 13 (ANSYS WB and ANSYS APDL) has been used, in order to create a numerical global model that analyses the vibratory behavior of different types of tracks. Finally, thanks to the results we conclude that the developed methodology is able to predict the time history of the normal contact force in different locations of the various studied track types.

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