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The transformation of the great european stations with the arrival of the high speed rail. The Atocha case

Year of publication: 2018

Author/s: Borja Aróstegui Chapa

Collection: Tesis Doctorales

ISBN: 978-84-947477-5-5
Legal deposit: M-11370-2018

The objective of this thesis is, on the one hand, to present a general view of the transformations undergone by the great European stations as a result of the arrival of the high speed rail and, on the other hand, to provide a thorough analysis of the particular case of Atocha station. This will allow us to understand the key elements of these types of interventions and reach some conclusions that can serve as a tool for future projects.

The transformation process of Atocha station has been created through a number of projects that have forged the station to date and will continue to transform it for the future. This thesis analyses those projects from the chronological, functional and formal points of view.

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