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High speed, threat or opportunity for small cities?


Author/s: Rodolfo Ramos Melero, Gonzalo Sanz Magallón-Rezusta

In 2020 Spain will have one of largest highspeed rail networks in the world, able to connect the main Spanish cities. Furthermore, in a novel way compared to other experiences of high-speed operation in the world, this new network will integrate two dozen small towns of less than 50,000 inhabitants.
The economic, social and urban planning of these cities can be of great importance. The effects of the territorial development may be negative with losses for economic activity and population, that could be absorbed by the larger nearby towns. Or rather the opposite effect may occur with increases of previous mentioned variables due to the increasing attractiveness of these small cities that can be a magnet for people and businesses.

Keywords: High speed, small cities, economics effects.

Publication: 360.high speed magazine Nº 2 - May 2012, pp. 45-52


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