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Railway motorways. A future investment in mixed high speed lines?


Author/s: Lorenzo Jaro Árias, César A. Folgueira Chavarría

In recent years development of the so-called speed Railway Motorways (RM) has intensified in Europe, especially in Switzerland and France, consisting of the transport of trucks and trailers by the rail network. The main objective of the implementation of these services is to reduce truck traffic on the road network, achieving huge social and economic benefits and providing better quality service to carriers for long distance journeys.
In this article, based on studies by the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) South Europe Atlantic Vitoria-Dax (with the participation of the Ministry of Development, ADIF and RFF), the aim is to draw attention to the possibility of making use of the HS mixed lines being developed in Spain at the Pyrenean frontier, in the presence on the French side of the RM service concessions currently operated (from Perpignan in the Mediterranean Basin) or envisaged (from Bayonne in the Atlantic Arc).

Keywords: Rail freight transport, High Speed mixed lines, Railway Motorways.

Publication: 360.high speed magazine Nº 2 - May 2012, pp. 73-96


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