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Development and testing of the M.L.G. system (Metro Ligero de Granada). Primer sistema nacional de via en placa embebida en hormigón realizado con una mezcla de caucho procedente de neumáticos fuera de uso (NFU) y resina de matriz polimérica


Author/s: Jose Daniel García Espinel

During the construction of the project “U.T.E Campus de la Salud Armilla (Granada)” the R&D Direction of ACCIONA Infraestructuras has developed and applied successfully in a test pilot of eight hundred meters of simple track a new slab track railway system using rubber from scrap tires and resins with polymeric matrix, which it allows to reduce the high environmental impact caused by the landfills of used tires, distinguishing a high level of airborne noise, a key parameter in an urban railway system, due to presence of closed buildings.

Keywords: Rubber, tires, track, slab, environmental, airborne noise, Acciona, R&D.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 1 - March 2011, pp. 9


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