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The effect of trains and services of variable gauge at the accessibility of high-speed network


Author/s: Iván Palacio Vijande, Alberto García Álvarez

The evolution of systems of automatic gauge, has allowed to extend the benefits of high-speed network in Spain to a much higher number of inhabitants served by stations to the standard gauge lines, eliminating the problem of coexistence two networks with different track gauges. Thus, while high-speed lines have 2571.1 km, the trains with automatic gauge allow extending the services over 3556.7 km of the conventional network, representing, in aggregate, 49.5% of the network managed by ADIF, extending the services of variable gauge to 26,493,413 inhabitants (2010), ie 56.02% of the Spanish population. Insert your abstract text. The size of the paper must be less than 15 lines.

Keywords: Variable gauge, high speed gauge automatic transsmision, network accesibility.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 4 - June 2012, pp. 7-15


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