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Modified materials to mitigate the production and/or propagation of vibrations and/or noise during train passing


Author/s: Laura Montalbán Domingo, Julia Real Herraiz

As a consequence of the train passing, important vibrations and noise appear. This paper presents different new material to attenuate these vibrations and noise. These materials are bituminous mixtures with different additives coming from wastes (NFU and plastics) and a new friction wheel-rail contact modifier material. On one hand, the bituminous mixtures are used to attenuate the vibration transmission and propagation. On the other hand, the friction modifier material is used to mitigate the noise generation.
With the vibration and noise mitigation, railroad transport mode is presented as one of the most competitive and sustainable transport mode in urban area.

Keywords: Vibration attenuation, new materials, railroad, new designs, noise, urban area.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research


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