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Nominal and Real kilometer points analysis of the correlation in the geometry of the railway line


Author/s: José Gómez Castaño, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, Jaime Zamorano

Throughout the life of a railway line, this has fluctuations that afect its position mile points located along the route. These points mark hectometers in order to indicate to the operator and personnel working on the railway, where they are located. They also assume a point of reference for any reference made to it, as incidents position, speed limits, etc.
The alterations in the layout of the railway produce changes in the actual position of these mile points, so their geographical position does not coincide with they are showing. For this reason when it would be necessary locate any event over the infrastructure from its GPS coordinates, a correction will be applied . So, both locations will be the same.
In this paper it is made a comparison between real and theoretical thereof, in order to identify where and to what extent there is casuistry. The dataset source for the locations of Nominal Pks has been extracted from “Mapa Topográfico Nacional” and “Base Cartográfica Nacional” 1:25.000. The features form lines have been extracted from “Tramificación Común version 12” by IDEAdif As a result of this work a new field has been added for every PK from MTN25 to show the real line and an algorithm has been developed to correlate real and nominal kilometers.

Keywords: Railway, GIS, kilometer points, algorithm.

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 8 - November 2014, pp. 43-53


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