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Impact of high speed lines on the development of the Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencian Community-Murcia Corridor


Author/s: Armando Ortuño Padilla

The purpose of this thesis is to offer an approach to the territorial impact of high speed rail on the Madrid-Levante Corridor (Madrid-Castilla La Mancha-Valencian Community-Murcia) in 2021 following the recent commissioning of new railway services in the Corridor. The thesis aims to answer questions such as: is high speed enough to encourage tourist activity? Can it contribute to revitalise areas in decline or with immigration issues? Will it mean a boost to traditional industrial sectors? The research also provides a series of recommendations on the policies and strategies to be implemented in the municipalities and regions in order to fully exploit the potential of high speed.

Keywords: High speed, Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia



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