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Can High Speed Rail enhance tourism?. The spanish experience


Author/s: Juan Luis de la Campa Cascales

Spain is currently among the top tourist destinations, coming third in the world ranking of incomes and tourist arrivals, and has the second longest high speed rail (HSR) network in the world right behind China. What role has HSR played in the development of tourism in our country?

Tourism is a complex phenomenon, characterized by the diversity of travellers and destinations that can profit from the competitive advantages provided by HSR, mostly in destinations with previous touristic attractiveness. Nevertheless, the existing literature on how HSR promotes tourism is scarce, apply different methodologies and provide inconclusive results. Further research is needed to minimize the limitations of existing models and the databases used.

Keywords: High Speed Rail, tourism, econometric models, investments ranking models.

Publication: 360.high speed magazine - 2017, pág. 17-34


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