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Public Polices in Railways: The Railway Network in Douro Region


Author/s: Pedro Pinto y André Pires

The closure of the Douro Region railway network began in 1988 with the Plano de Modernização e Reconversão dos Caminhos-de-Ferro 1988-94 (Railways Modernization and Reconversion Plan 1988-94). In the last two decades and after several strategic plans for the Portuguese railway sector, only 179 of the 578 kilometres that formed the Douro Region railway network have still commercial services.

Our investigation work has as cases studies the Douro Line and its narrowed gauge tributaries Tâmega, Corgo, Tua and Sabor Lines. The methodology is based on qualitative research and the main goal of our investigation is to understand, describe and explain the reasons that lead to the closure of the majority of these regional lines that served the Trás-os-Montes and Douro regions.

Keywords: Public policy; Regional Railways; Douro Region

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nª 12, pp 33-57


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