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Application of a Smart Grid to the Spanish Electrical Railway


Author/s: Israel Herrero Sánchez

The Smart-Grid project is created with the objective of improving the efficiency and reliability of the grid, adapted to the needs of the digital age. This type of technologies will decrease carbon emissions by managing the demand of electricity. In addition to the environmental benefits, its implementation will improve the efficiency of transmission and distribution allowing the integration of renewable energy sources.

The railway sector is a major consumer of electrical system of a country so its application will redound in an overall improvement of all rail electric system. This piece brings out an application of a Smart Grid system to the Spanish railway power grid with its peculiarities, adapted to modern facilities and how would it be applied. The introduction of new network nodes is also shown, as the incorporation of electric vehicles to be used in the maintenance platforms infrastructure.

Keywords: Power electric System (SEP), Smart Grid, REM-S Railway Energy Management System, Node, FAN – Field Area Network, WAN – Wire Area Network, IP/MPLS, ATP Systems, and Energy Efficiency.

Publication:  Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 11, December 2016, pp. 63-81


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