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High Speed in the Desert: Haramain High Speed Railway Line (HHSRL)


Author/s: Luis Fort López-Tello

Measures proposed ecological protection platform track against windblown.

Based on a comprehensive study by BMT Fluid Mechanins on the effects of wind on the sandy areas of the Haramain High Speed Railway Line (HHSRL) Mecca-Medina, Saudi Arabia, a proposal for measures to protect the platform track consisting of the creation of eight linear parks located on the west side of the line along its first 210 km and located in areas with the largest number of tows sand, totaling a development of 21 km and more than 120 hectares of green, susceptible areas in a final stage of forestry and livestock use.

Keywords: High speed, desert, dune, line protection against windblown

Publication: Vía Libre Railway Research Nº 11 December 2016, pp. 31-48


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