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Railway station of the Compañía de los Caminos de Hierro del Norte de Valencia. Genesis. From the idea to the project. From materials to construction

Year of publication: 2017

Author/s: Aurora Mª Martínez Corral

Collection: Tesis Doctorales

ISBN: 978-84-946555-4-8
Legal deposit: M-16084-2017

The main objective of this thesis is to present the unpublished analysis of materials and structural details of that which remains original in Valencia’s North Station, with the aim of preparing a type of “book of the building” that can serve as a guide for future maintenance and refurbishment actions. The work establishes a great variety of materials as well as careful execution. Despite being a succinct project, it shows masterful site management and achieves great harmony between the space and the details, resulting in a unique example of railway heritage.

The thesis is organised in three levels: the first level is called “Genesis” and deals with those variables external to the architecture but inherent and necessary for the creation of the work; the second level, already focused on architecture topics but not those of the work under consideration, has been called “From the idea to the project”; finally, addressing the analysis of the building in a thorough and detailed way and basically focusing on materials and execution is the third level, called “From materials to construction”.

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