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Renfe, 75 years of history (1941-2016)

Year of publication:  2016

Author/s: Miguel Muñoz Rubio

Collection: Monografías del Ferrocarril

ISBN: 978-84-946555-1-7
Legal deposit: M-43196-2016

With this monograph the Spanish Railway Foundation aims to contribute to the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the creation of Renfe. It is the result of a long research career of its author, Miguel Muñoz Rubio, and analyses the evolution of the public company from a diachronic perspective. The document shows the differences between the main stages in the history of the company, which in turn were the subject of a first version published in a series of Vía Libre articles during the first half of 2016.

The text addresses the main milestones in the history of Renfe, taking into account the evolution of its organisation divided into several stages, as well as aspects related to the network, rolling stock, production and economic results of the company.

Publication index
  1. The birth of renfe and the years of autarky (1941-1959)
  2. The modernisation of the years of the «developmentalism» (1960-1975)
  3. Looking to europe: the first years of the democracy (1976-1989)
  4. Renfe enters a new historical stage (1986-1995)
  5. At the forefront of the country (1990-2005)
  6. A changing company (2005-2016)
  7. Bibliography

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