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Railway operating

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[Artículo] - High speed as a need to increase the share of long-distance rail traffic 
Alberto García Álvarez 
[Artículo] - High Speed ​​Network in the United States 
Luis Fort López-Tello, Carmen Fort Santa-María 
[Artículo] - Optimization of High Speed ​​Rates 
Alberto García Álvarez y Álvaro Rubio García 
[Artículo] - Railway applications to help the exploitation of management control traffic centers in railway network 
Juan Carlos Enrique Gordillo 
[Artículo] - The unwanted effect of the predetermination of the fare on the costbenefit analysis of the new high-speed infrastructures  
Alberto García Álvarez, Ignacio González Franco, Álvaro Rubio García 
[Artículo] - An up-to-date view of the competition between the high-speed train and the plane 
Judith Fernández Jáñez 
[Artículo] - Bayesian Railway Localization System Based on Raw GNSS Measurements and Inertial Sensors 
Omar García Crespillo 
[Artículo] - Study of Aerodynamics problem resulted when high speed trains pass freight trains on mixed traffic lines 
Marta Jiménez Cobo 
[Artículo] - Automatic Train Operation of trains, for the Line 4 of FC Metropolità de Barcelona 
Montserrat Artigas Palomeque, Pau Picas Martínez 
[Artículo] - Path and train numbering. Interoperability using spatial analysis and INSPIRE 
José Gómez Castaño 
[Artículo] - Contribution to the implementation of technological innovations in improving the security of Spanish rail system 
José Perlasia Giol 
[Artículo] - Communications Network Design under Constraints of Typical Railroad Environment 
José Higueras Soler (INECO) 
[Artículo] - Kinematic analysis of the time taken by trains passing through speed restrictions 
José Gómez Castaño 
[Artículo] - VANELECTRA Project: Intermodal transportation system for light freights and road vehicles across high velocity railway lines 
Pablo Gadea Garzón 
[Artículo] - Representation of meteorological data in the railways operation. Lightning strikes detection 
José Gómez Castaño 
[Artículo] - How high speed has allowed the development of national rail industry exports (I). The case of rolling stock 
José Luis López Gómez 
[Artículo] - Possible alternatives for the establishment of commercial stops on new high speed lines 
César Felipe López Sánchez 
[Artículo] - High-speed line costs internalized in the infrastructure manager’s accounts 
Francisco Javier Fernández Arévalo, Jesús Vázquez Atienza 
[Artículo] - Analysis of traffic data from the first year of operation of the Madrid-Valencia high speed line 
Judith Fernández Jáñez 
[Artículo] - The importance of speed on the railway 
Eduardo Romo 

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